Get to know some of your favorite local entrepreneurs & learn more about how they’re adapting to 2021

Digital Business Survival Course

March 12th-April 16th, 2021

 With daily hands-on training
and support from local experts.

Offered free of charge.

The second program has now completed.

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About The Program

No matter what your level of technical expertise, 

we will get you up and running with a robust web presence for your business including:

Make the Internet work for your business with this intensive virtual program: offered free of charge by EforAll Berkshire County and Team R3set with the support of MassGrowth Capital and the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.

Digital Business Fundamentals

  • Website Design and Implementation
  • Ecommerce 

Modern Communication

  • Email marketing
  • Social media

Hear From The Founders


Class Overview


Class 1

Setting Your Online Strategy

with Deborah Gallant, Devin Shea & John Lewis

What Can I Accomplish and How Can I Make Money using the Internet?

Class 2

Digital Audit

with Roger Matus

what do you need to do to implement the strategy?

Class 3

Website Building

with Calvin Arterberry

What pages should I have, what is my messaging, call to action? How do I get it built quickly and inexpensively?

Class 4


with Calvin Aterberry

Basics of e-commerce and connecting to payment gateways

Class 5

Giving Your Brand a Voice

with Devin Shea & John Lewis

Attracting your ideal customer with modern storytelling

Classes (Cont.)


Class 6

Email Marketing

with Robin Catalano & Janet Latuga

Collecting a list, frequency, content you send, call to action

Class 7

Social Media 1

with Dawn Stanyon

Choosing your channels & creating a strategy.

Class 8

Social Media 2

with Dawn Stanyon

Best practices, frequency, interaction, gathering a community

Class 9

Getting Found Online

with Noah Cook-Dubin

SEO, Paid ads, directories, partnerships

Class 10

Putting It All Together & Final Presentations

with Devin Shea, John Lewis, & Roger Matus

Bringing it all together, maintaining digital presence and community

Meet the Faculty

Noah Cook Dubin

Noah is a strategic marketing consultant and ex-Googler, recently relocated back to the Berkshires. He has been a mentor for EforAll. 

Kaitlin Pierce

Kaitlyn runs her own social media firm, Pierce Social and has also launched her own business called Binka Bear.

Patrick Danahey

Patrick is a Berkshire-based entrepreneur with 7+ years experience in startups as a COO, product developer, and marketer.
His current venture, Impact Hacker, helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs ditch their old strategic plans and project management tools for an upgradable, app-like “business GPS,” the Impact Guidance System.

Devin Shea

Devin is the cofounder of R3SET Enterprises and leads the innovation development of products, systems, and technologies for R3SET and its partner organizations. 

Currently, Devin is focused on building the Community Marketing System with SP3AK EASY Studio, the Impact Guidance System with Impact Hackers, the SUCC3SS Community Empowerment Platform with the Blackshires Leadership Circle.

John Lewis

Over 25 years of expertise in developing companies through critical start-up or turnaround situations, while coordinating rapid-growth market expansions.

Deborah Gallant

Executive Director, EforAll Berkshire County

Deborah is the Executive Director of EforAll Berkshire County since Fall of 2019. She has 15 years experience as a small business coach and was an early Internet pioneer.

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